Chris and Mitch Watnik's Vacation to Maui
September 2004

Disclaimer: Most of these pictures were taken with my digital camera. Some of these pictures (the smaller ones) were taken with my Treo 600. I apologize for the poor quality of some of the Treo pictures!

September 6, 2004
Mitch and I drove down to Kihei to watch the sunset (and play on the beach) the first night we were in Maui. (pictures)

September 7, 2004
Tuesday Mitch and I got up early to watch the sun rise over the volcano Haleakala. There were tons of people there. Most of them waiting to ride bikes down the side of the volcano! The sunrise was beautiful! (pictures)

In this picture you can see the clouds start to turn red where the sun is coming up.

After viewing the sunrise, Mitch and I just walked and drove around a little bit. (pictures)

Then we went back to Paul and Jean's (and Noah's!) house. The view from their house is spectacular! (pictures)

Later, Noah, Jean, Mitch and I went to play at Baldwin Beach. Aside from the evil tree bonking Noah in the head, a good time was had by all. (pictures)

Noah is so cute!

September 8, 2004
Wednesday, Mitch and I got up early (again) to go on a snorkel cruise. We were supposed to go to Molokini and then Lanai (and look for dolphins on the way), but a woman on the boat was stung by a jellyfish at Molokai and we had to take her back to the dock, so we didn't have time to go all the way to Lanai, and went to a place on South Maui called Turtle Town instead.

At Turtle Town I saw a manta ray! And Mitch and I both saw at least one turtle. I was looking for small turtles, and was very surprised when I saw one and it was huge! We first saw a turtle swimming by itself, and we later saw a turtle attacking an octopus! It had the octopus in its mouth! I don't know if it was the same turtle or if we saw two different turtles.

We didn't have an underwater camera, unfortunately, so you'll just have to view these pictures that were taken out of the water.

When we got back to the house Mitch and Noah played together.

September 9, 2004
Thursday Mitch and I slept in! We didn't have anything planned, so we thought we'd go to Lahaina and walk/shop and then go snorkeling. I had to buy a souvenir shot glass at the Hard Rock Cafe for my friend Jess who collects them. After walking around in the heat and humidity for a while, I was exhausted (I'm sure the day in the sun the day before and the jet-lag didn't help)! Neither Mitch or I really felt up to snorkeling. So we went back to the house and just relaxed!

That night we went to a nice restaurant for dinner, recommended by one of my co-workers. It's called Haliimaile General Store. Everyone enjoyed what they had. Mitch had duck. Jean had a roasted pepper soup and a salad that had a different combination of ingredients than any of us had seen before. Paul had salmon. I had sashimi pizza! The pizza had some sort of thin, cooked, flour crust on the bottom, then edamame hummus (which was very good), some fried onions, and some (raw) red tuna with yummy sauce on top. Very unique! (pictures)

September 10, 2004
Friday Mitch and I decided to drive along the road to Hana. Our goal (well, my goal anyway) was not to drive all the way to Hana, but get out of the car and hike around a bit and see some of the sights you can't see from the car. It was really lush and green. We saw beautiful waterfalls. There were spectacular views of the coast too. (pictures)

September 11, 2004
Saturday Paul and Jean wanted to go SCUBA diving since they had someone convenient to look after Noah. Mitch and I took Noah to the Maui Swap Meet. We just quickly walked around and didn't see much that interested us. Then we drove to Lahaina and went on a submarine!

We took this picture when we got on the boat that took us out to the sub.

The sub was cool. We got to see tons more fish than we ever saw snorkeling. I took LOTS of pictures. In this picture and this picture you can see eels poking out of rocks. In this picture you can barely see a cleaner fish (it's dark blue with a yellow tail). In this picture there's an old sub bomb that was detonated that the fish have now adopted as a reef. The sub took us down to 150 feet, but I only got a picture of the depth gauge at 149.

After the sub, we went to have hamburger pizza (that's what Noah wanted) in Lahaina. Paul and Jean met us there. Jean was very nervous leaving her baby with us so when Paul and Jean showed up, Noah told Jean "Look Mom, I'm in one piece!" (Mitch told him to say that)

After lunch, the five of us went snorkeling at Mala Wharf. The wharf fell down some years ago in a hurricane and the fish have turned it into a reef. It was cool, and I finally got to see a humu (the Hawaii state fish)! This was such a busy day that Noah fell asleep on his snorkel window board!

That night, Mitch and I went to the Haleakala National Park for a stargazing program. A couple of park people told stories and tried to point out stars and constellations. It was cool. But it was a little cloudy so the stars kept coming and going.

This was a very busy day!

September 12, 2004
Our last full day in Maui. Jean wanted to make sure we took pictures before leaving. We also couldn't leave without seeing chameleons. Noah even showed us how chameleons walk. Noah had fun playing with Paul and climbing and jumping from a tree. And the peacock from next door came by to visit. (pictures)

In the afternoon, Mitch and I went hiking down the crater of Haleakala on the Sliding Sands Trail. I nicknamed this trail the horse poop trail, because it was also a horse trail and was very smelly. We hiked down for about 45 minutes, but it took us over an hour to get back up. We didn't have time to hike to the closest cone. Maybe next time. (pictures)

After hiking, we met Paul at the observatory and he gave us a tour. He showed us the 3.6 meter telescope and it's control room, the control rooms for the 1.2 and 1.6 meter telescopes, and the laser control room. It was all very cool. The room around the 3.6 meter telescope collapses downwards like a telescoping camping cup (once the roof is open).

Paul had to work that night, but when Mitch and I got back to the house, Noah and Jean were waiting for us with a birthday cake for Mitch! (Mitch's 35th birthday was September 13). They had party hats and all! (pictures)

September 13, 2004
Mitch and I had to get up early to go to the airport. Boo hoo. Our vacation was over. But on the way to the airport, there was a rainbow. I tried to get some pictures of it. You can see it if you look real hard! I also took a picture of a sugar cane field as we passed by.